The Committee to Advance Our Common Purposes

Mission:  The Committee To Advance Our Common Purposes champions our individual and collective humanity and respect for our differences. The Committee, reporting to the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, is committed to fostering intercultural relations while reducing acts of prejudice and bias. Since its founding, the Committee has championed the values which celebrate our differences as humanity while advancing our common purposes as a community.

Core Values  Core Curricula  Common Purposes

For the year 2011-2012, our program theme will be “Core Values, Core Curricula, Common Purposes.” We hope that, through this theme, applicants will appraise the University’s commitments to its core values; its expression of these values through its curricula on all three regional campuses; and its questioning of our “common purposes”—as we move on past the first decade of the 21st century.  What are our “core values” as a public institution of higher learning in these very challenging economic times?  Do they still prevail?  How do our courses of study perpetuate and embolden these values, especially for our undergraduates?  How do we sustain our commitments to “urban education.” Forty plus years after the establishment of Livingston College in response to the social movements of the time, thirty years after the beginning of the AIDS, twenty-five years after the establishment of CACP, seventeen years since the fall of Apartheid, ten years after the destruction of the Twin Towers, five years after the Transformation of Undergraduate Education in New Brunswick, can we still invoke our “common purposes”?  The Grants Subcommittee will give priority a) to proposals that respond to this year’s special focus; b) to proposals from first-time applicants; c) to those proposals with demonstrable co-curricular elements, e.g., direct links to courses, clear collaboration among students, faculty, and/or staff, course credit, etc.; d) and to those proposals which foster and model social justice themes.

 2011-2012 CACP Grant Application (PDF)

 2011-2012 CACP Grant Application (Word)