The Office of the Dean of Students is the place to go when students, parents, and staff do not know where to turn. Our office helps students with exceptional difficulties due to medical, emotional, social, psychological, financial, confidential or family-related issues. We may provide letters to faculty for extended (a week or more) absences or circumstances that are complex, confidential or sensitive in nature. In these instances, the Dean’s role is to verify documentation of the student’s situation. The final decision is always up to the faculty regarding make up exams, extensions, or other options.


Mission Statement

The Dean of Students Office at Rutgers University offers a holistic approach to student-centered advocacy for undergraduate and graduate students.  Focusing on social, personal and educational development, the Dean of Students connects students to university resources that promote personal and academic success at Rutgers and beyond.  The Dean of Students also partner with other offices to develop students in the areas of respect, leadership, social justice and further support our mission to create inclusive campus communities.