Mission Statement

The Dean of Students Office at Rutgers University-New Brunswick provides solutions, services, and support to help students navigate Rutgers University. By focusing on students’ educational, social, and personal development, staff in the Office promote academic success and student retention The Office serves as a student support network by providing advocacy, problem resolution, and critical incident intervention for those times when additional assistance is needed.

Vision of the Office

The Dean of Students Office at Rutgers University-New Brunswick challenges and supports students to help them thrive from their acceptance to Rutgers until they graduate.

Core Values


Staff members treat all students with compassion, empathy and acceptance.  We approach all concerns with understanding and kindness and nurture these same qualities in the students we assist.


Staff members support the educational mission of the University.  We encourage students to take advantage of opportunities for leadership, helping students understand and navigate the various systems within and outside of Rutgers University.

Holistic Development

Using the principles of student development, staff members approach each student as an individual and promote personal growth and well- being. We encourage personal reflection and the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Staff members treat all students and each other with respect and fairness.  We hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest ethical standards.

Inclusive Community

Staff members embrace the richness of our diversity to cultivate a community where all students are valued for their unique contributions. We understand that we are part of a large, diverse, interconnected system of education and student support.